Health resort Fischen

The picturesque spa town of Fischen is located in the Oberallgäu Alps only 5.5 km north of Oberstdorf and is situated on the banks of the Iller River. To the northwest, the view of the Hörner mountain group takes your breath away. In the idyllic village centre there are many shopping facilities such as a supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, electrical shop and small boutiques.

A few minutes away by car there are cool outlets such as TRIGEMA or the outlet centres in Sonthofen, Immenstadt and Füssen.

The excursion possibilities for singles, couples, families and friends are also very varied. The Auwaldsee lake, for example, is just a few minutes' walk away. Beautifully laid out walking paths and seating along the shore invite you to linger. Due to the central location, many sights in the surrounding area are easily accessible.

One of the largest ski jumps is just a stone's throw away; the fantastic view of the Stillachtal valley and the Freibergsee lake should not be missed. In addition to sporting activities, cultural sights such as the beautiful fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein or the castle of Hohenschwangau attract visitors. A stroll through the town of Füssen is also worthwhile!

General Information

  • The four ski jumps in Oberstdorf
  • Breitach Gorge
  • Starzlach Gorge
  • Buchenegg Waterfalls
  • The Great Alp Lake
  • Skywalk Allgäu
  • Kleinwalsertal Valley
  • Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle

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